About us

PIRRO AGZ is a Costa Rican family-owned agro-industrial business with a tradition of over 95 years. In 1922, the efforts, dedication, and values of a working man led to the foundation of Tenería Pirro (Tannery). The city of Heredia was the cradle where Isaias Gomez Gomez, a coffee planter, conceived and started a small leather tanning business. Over time, his son, Antonio Gomez Zamora, came to work in the business and brought his own great vision to it.

The third generation began in 1967, when Isaias Gomez Viquez, Antonio’s son, decided to also become part of the family business. In this same year, the tannery began to explore the export market.

During the seventies, Antonio Gomez and his son decided to move the facility to the city of Sarchi in Alajuela, in order to implement some changes and meet the new needs of the company. By 1985, Isaias and his wife, Beatriz, took over the business and began diversifying products and exports.

Growth continued in 1990, when the harvest facility began operations in San Rafael, Alajuela. This facility was vital for business continuity and marked the start of the circular industry cycle.

Another business innovation came in 2016, when the biodigestor began to operate. This undertaking strengthened our commitment to the environment.

Today, a fourth generation leads the business. Lucia Beatriz, Milena, and Natalia Gomez, daughters of Isaias and Beatriz, continue to lead the corporation, always guided by tradition and excellence in all our products and services, and adding ecological value by committing to sustainable development.

Mission statement

We are a Costa Rican traditional, family-owned business generating value in agro-industrial products and services by means of quality and customer service, and we work in harmony with the environment.


We strive to generate satisfaction in our customers using excellence in environmentally friendly agro-industrial products and services.




“All products or services provided by our company, PIRRO AGZ, will meet our customers’ expectations and will comply with quality requirements, applying our commitment to continuous improvement and safety in all our operations.”



“PIRRO AGZ is a corporation with different business units, generating value in agro-industrial products and services. We commit to drive and promote programs that help our activities develop with the least possible negative impact on the environment, and to create awareness to promote its protection.”

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